Thursday, 30 October 2008

A Hoydens Take on Coached Pushing

I read this study recently and didn't blog about it, mainly because i thought that it would be a little boring to anyone but me, but its certainly talking about one of my big birthing passions and that is the difference between coached pushing and instinctive pushing. The Hoydens have a great way of making it enjoyable, with a Meaning of Life skit and the beautiful french birth video at the bottom.

The birth video is awesome i have seen it quiet a few times and last week it was sent to me again, even if you are not a birth video type person i still recommend you watch it just for the pure joy on her face. Plus its great to notice the lack of intervention from her caregivers they just leave her body to birth perfectly. The position she is in isn't the best but beyond that ...... its just so beautiful

Birthwatch: Coached pushing robs babies of oxygen, Brazilian C sections, and joyful birth

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