Wednesday, 10 September 2008

To the Woman who Yelled at me at the Park Today

If you wanted me to apologize for the fact that my little BOY hit your child, then yelling at me from across the park was probably not the best way to start.

I am aware, now that you have yelled at me, that my child hit yours and I do not think that it was ok but seeing that you were being so aggressive with me I saw no point in pointing this out.

I hope that one day when your child hits another, as 95% of children do, the person who confronts you does so with a bit more tact and does not the go on to berate you about the fact that you were not attending to your child sufficiently enough in their eyes.  Truth be told I could have been standing right next to my child and he still could of hit yours.

I think it is good for the development of self that I do not follow my children around continually and I feel that by you following yours around without giving them a chance to make mistakes and be self sufficient could well harm them more that the knock my child gave them, but I digress.

Unfortunately by attacking me at the park it did not give me the chance to have a conversation with my child and yours and to hopefully get my child to apologise to yours as would have been optimal for both children.

In the end I'm sure that both of us left the encounter with a bad taste in our mouth wishing that we had though of some witty comeback  I know I wish I had said more than 'whatever love'  hence this post.  On the up side I didn't call you any of the expletives that I though of.


Kristie said...

You must have encountered the woman one of the mums on Monday encountered. However, instead of yelling at the mother, she yelled at the 2 year old. Not just yelled, but screamed. Then had a go at the mum. Yes, her child was hurt and I (as we all did) know what Mama Bear Syndrome is like, however overshadowing and hollering at a 2 year old doesn't cut it in the etiquette guide IMO...

I hope you and your wonderful boys are doing ok.


Wondering Willow said...

Its crazy isn't it! I know what you mean about the protective mumma bear and I have been guilty of it at times but unless a child was attacking mine I would never yell at anyone elses child. I actually stood up to go in because I had been watching the interaction between this woman and a friends older girl, she looked like she was doing some serious reprimanding and by the look on the womans face I was concerned about what she was saying.

I am Brooke... said...

Ahh, the ever hovering parent, I can't f**king stand them. It's as if their precious children will shatter if they move more than a foot from them, and heaven forbid they experience any kind of discomfort at the playground.

I love that I have wonderful AP neglectorinos LOL!

Wondering Willow said...

Ahhh attachment parenting the lazy mothers best friend :)

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