Thursday, 26 February 2009

Houston we have a Problem ...

Tuesday afternoon the boys preschool had a farewell party for two of the teachers.  Just after we got there Hamish saw Jacks lunchbox and took out his vegemite cracker

Jack: Muuuum, Hamish is eating my cracker
Me (feeling less patient than he probably deserved): babe there is a whole table of food outside, why don't you go and grab something there
Jack: but mum its all sweet food and you told me I shouldn't eat to much sweet food cause it makes me cranky.  I wanted to eat my cracker first

Mixed feelings, great that he heard me and the million conversations we have had about healthy eating, crappy that he is starting to win arguments.

NB: I know that vegemite crackers aren't exactly healthy eating, but they certainly top chocolate crackles and shortbread .... and tonight he ate (without argument) cucumber, the one food that he really doesn't like, so one day at a time

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