Saturday, 21 February 2009

More Yoni Art

A while back I sent a link to some of the wonderful women around me of yoni prints.  Basically women painted their vulva's and then sat on pieces of paper and their yoni left a print.  A few of my friends didn't exactly want to be involved if we ever have a yoni printing session but everyone thought they were beautiful and that it was an interesting albeit a bit of an out there idea.

I saw this link on a site I visit, apparently a women was doing a documentary about the amount of young women who want to have genital plastic surgery.  One of the ways she was trying to help them feel better and see the normality of their yoni's was by taking them to an artist who would make a cast of it. (if you keep scrolling you will see the wall of vagina's that he created ..OK its a small wall)

Its an interesting idea.  In this culture we so often close the door when we are naked, early on in our children's development, and so their ideas about the nitty gritty of the human body either comes from anatomy books or from pornography neither of which really show the human form in a realistic way, hair, moles, saggy bits and all.

Her other idea, is even more challenging.  She thought that if you have a yoni workshop it would be a way of letting women see themselves and others as normal.  I think the basic premise is that you and a group of other women get in a room with hand mirrors and ..... well you get the idea, actually I'm sure I have seen something like that in a movie and if I remember correctly one of the participants was very confronted by the idea. (anyone else remember it?)

So, feeling inspired ...... I am, but then I've had a glass of wine or two :)


Catriona said...

I could be wrong about the movie you saw, but I believe the movie of The Colour Purple has such a scene: there is one in book, where Celie is encouraged to squat over a mirror by Shug, the woman with whom Celie's husband Mr. is having an affair. (It's part of a general awakening on Celie's part, because hse doesn't enjoy sex with the man to whom her marriage has been arranged, and Shug does: she finds this bewildering.)

In the book, Celie and Shug become lovers, but I'm not sure that happens in the movie.

Wondering Willow said...

Now that you mention it, I remember that part of the colour purple, but it wasn't the movie I was thinking of. The one I was thinking of was a real 80s movie something like Working Girl ...

Julie said...

Been looking for Yoni art, came across your post :)

The movie you were trying to remember was Driving Miss Daisy.

Wondering Willow said...

Thanks Julie, finally I can lay that question to rest. Phew !!

Julie said...

LOL Just talking to one of my girlfriends about this tonight and she corrected me ... wasn't Driving Miss Daisy... it was Fried Green Tomatoes!

2 great movies I should watch again sometime.

Wondering Willow said...

Lol thanks Julie, NOW we can finally lay this question to rest :)

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