Monday, 2 February 2009

Pixies and Fairies

Jack has a special little friend, her name is Arieal.  It was her birthday party on the weekend, I saw them sitting together, and took the opportunity to grab a few photos of the birthday fairy and her pixie friend.

We have known Arieal since she was born and early on it was obvious that she and Jack had a special little connection and place in their hearts for one another. Now they are still kids and as kids do they terrorise each other sometime, but i often wonder if they do it to each other because they know it is safe, they know that they accept each other even when they are mean.

Jack told me the other day that he was going to make a ring out of paper and give it to Arieal and then they could be married.  We make sure we don't do the whole "Is she your girlfriend" thing people seem so fond of saying and I have never asked him about marriage but he had just connected the feelings as we watched a movie about a princes marrying a prince.

Its so lovely to watch Jack feel really safe with a friend, and as we watch them grow into amazing kids its fantastic to know that they have each other, and I'm pretty sure they will be friends for a long time to come.


Kim said...

Hey sweetie! I never knew you had a blog. I love reading your stuff :) *hugs*

Wondering Willow said...

Hey Kim, Its great to hear from you, thanks for reading ... you mentioned the other day that you write, do you have a blog, i know you have websites, what and where are they, i'd love to check them out xx

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