Monday, 9 February 2009

Neighbour Hood Watch

I have written a few posts about how I love where we live.  A bit part of that has to do with the street we live in, we all know each other and mostly we live harmoniously, but then occasionally living in close proximity brings out some issues, following are mine;

The neighbour that hasn't talked to me since she found Hamish's footprints on the roof of her car a few months ago

The street handyman who was grabbing the fence palings off the kerb from a neighbours old fence, when I told him that I had asked the owners if I could grab 20 or so and he said no he needed them and when I stated again that I already spoken to them and they said I could, he said 'tough luck'

The neighbours who asked our friend to move their car because he was parking out the front of her house and her husband was going to be home soon and wanted that spot.  (OK now i get a bit shirty when someone parks in front of our house, in 'my spot' but its totally cheeky to ask someone to move their car)

The people who let their dogs run up and down our fence line while our dogs go nuts on the other side

Ha, the cosmos has just spoken, in the middle of writing the last sentence a news update about the fires currently blazing in Victoria came on .... I guess I should just be happy that at least we still have a neighbourhood.  Rant finished :)


casso said...

Oh man I hear you on the 'your spot' thing. On-street parking is just a minefield of potential conflicts. On our street we have a mosque about ten doors down and although those who attend are *supposed* to use the parking down at the river they constantly block every single nearby street. Once I was in tears when it was about 35 degrees, Harry was SCREAMING, and I had shopping. I couldn't find a park *anywhere*.

But there's a family across the road from us who just built a new driveway. And they never EVER use it. They *always* park on the street now (and before used to park inside their gate). Whoops, this was supposed to be a short empathy post, not my own vent! :o)

Wondering Willow said...

Rant away my friend :)

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