Friday, 20 February 2009

The Moleskin

It sits on my shelf with its soft black leather cover, filled with clotted cream pages, all with rounded corners.  There is nothing sharp about it, its purpose is to lull you into it, to welcome you warmly to its pages and urge you forward.

It has graced a thousand artists satchels, lay crumpled and wine stained in a thousand musicians back pockets, and held a million ideas or stories, songs or sketches.

Mostly they stay inside as its owner gratefully empties their ideas into it just glad to have somewhere safe to unload their busy minds, but sometimes, all too rarely it shares a part of itself with the world.

People have fallen in love to its music, or been angered by its words, they have been moved by its pictures and have had to alter their perceptions with it's equations.  Who knows one day it could open its pages and share something that will change the world.

Inside its soft leather cover, filled with perfectly unmarked clotted cream pages, all with rounded corners, there lies infinite possibilities.


Kim said...

I love my moleskins, but I have problems actually using them. They're so nice and pretty and clean that I don't want to mess them up with my handwriting!!!

Wondering Willow said...

It must be a family trait, I keep looking at mine and don't want to waste the infinite potential with my dodgy scribbles. Its part of why I wrote that last night, because I need to remember that I am worth a moleskin :) so are you honey xx

Catriona said...

I never buy fancy notebooks for much the same reasons (and I don't really care for moleskins, at all: they don't work for me, physically. I can't flatten them or bend them back or any of the thousands of things I need to do with my notebooks).

I just use standard spiral-bound notebooks, but I do write in them constantly. All my notetaking and planning work happens in notebooks and on index cards: I'm old-school.

The computer's just useless (for me) for anything but actual writing.

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