Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Keeping it Simple

The last week or so I have been working on getting the content for my doula website organized.  I have realised that it will be a an arduous journey because as I research what to put on the website, it leads me to think not only about how I want to present myself but also about what information I would like people to be able to access on the website and also what services I want to offer.

It's the what services to offer that has had me going round in circles for the last few days.  There are so many cool things that I would like to be able to offer, what to pick? what can I say I can do, but actually have no qualifications for? what if I have experience but no paperwork? Do they cost extra, or are they covered in my doula cost? Is there a market for it? Could it be a service I offer for non doula clients? And round and round and round.....

For example a few of the things that I am thinking of is;

And they are just the ones I can remember late at night.  Its an interesting process and even if its slow and laborious I'm learning as I go so its worthwhile.  At some point in the future I plan on sending out an email to all of my wonderful women friends to ask what they think, would want, could imagine, etc so keep an eye out (it could be a while)

PS anyone willing to donate a placenta so I can practice encapsulation let me know *grin* 

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