Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Month of Blessingways

The last two weekends, I was lucky enough to be a part of two blessingways.  The first was for a beautiful woman that I know who has honored me by asking me to support her in her homebirth at the end of next month.  It was a really special day, there were lots of women and children making it a lovely, nurturing and chaotic space.  Beautiful food, husbands popping in and out as kids needed but generally staying outside, we drank chai, bound our wrists with red cord, told our stories, and chanted before we hennaed her belly and served her food.

Last weekend it was my beautiful friend Sarit's day who is also due at the end of the month.  This was a calmer day and a real women's circle, we all gave her our blessings and a bead for a birthing necklace and a flower to go in a wreath for her to wear throughout the ceremony, we drank wine and chai, bellydanced and sung in a circle and also hennaed her belly and served her food.

Both reminded me what soul food a women's circle can be, its something I love to do, it feel like such a safe space, even when you don't know all the people involved and the more you are able to release and really get into it, the more enjoyable it is

I took some photos of both blessingway's but the first was using her camera so that I can be accustomed to it before the birth, so I have only attached photos of Sarit.  

Close-up of the wreath

Sarit getting ready to show us some of her bellydancing moves, look at that divine belly ... it made me incredibly clucky

In the middle of our Bellydancing tutorial

Trish had started painting the henna on her belly, when my camera battery ran out

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