Tuesday, 21 April 2009

This to Shall Pass

A friend of mines husband died today.  He was diagnosed with cancer last year, it was quiet advanced when they found it and there was nothing that they could do but wait.  He was in his 70s and he died in his own bed, after spending some of the last hours of his life in bed with his wife while they held hands and talked about their past. 

I wrote the following just after we found out that he was terminal, I wanted to repost it

Go Gently Friend xx

Til Death
She knows he is dying
Standing strong by his side
Hysteria tearing at her insides
He looks at her
With his soft grey eyes
Wishing he could take it away
Hoping she will stay
This is their life, their journey
No one knows how it will end
Except that she will stay
And he will not

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