Thursday, 21 May 2009

Be Brave and Courageous

Today the kids and I met some friends and their kids at the Australian Museum.  We had a great morning, looking at skeletons, bugs touching, animal skins, playing in the interactive spaces and generally learning all about the natural world.  Beside one little flip out over waiting for a turn on the computer to colour a dinosaur, all went very smoothly and it made me think, we live 15 minutes from the city where there are all manner of cool activities and because we live so close its OK to go and only spend an hour or two checking things out, so why don't we go and do these thing more often?

When I was growing up my dad used to talk about trying to live my life by the motto, be brave and courageous...... What happened to that?

When Hamish was born, as a matter of necessity, we started only doing small activities during the day, it just seemed to hard to drag a little baby and a toddler out to do anything much, but they are getting older and still it seems to take a lot of mental energy to prepare myself for bigger activities.

Today was a great reminder that I do need to be braver and more courageous with the activities I do with the kids, funnily I would happily travel overseas, move somewhere out of our comfort zone, or do anything with the children as long as Andrew was with me, but on my own, a trip the the museum or on the bus, or to the zoo seems so incredibly hard.

One of the benefits of moving through to the other side of the baby phase that I was talking about last post is that these things are easier than I give them credit for, the kids enjoy them more and I am now able to handle any meltdowns.

So my new motto for the next few months is to spend time remembering how to be brave and courageous in my mothering and to try and chill out with the ideas of getting the kids to 'behave' in these environments, because the enjoyment I get from my kids loving these excursions is more than enough reward.

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