Saturday, 9 May 2009

Random Photos from April

Its been the sort of week, where you are so busy you can hardly think, but nothing is interesting enough to blog about, so I thought that I would just do a random photo post.

This is actually a photo of the picture behind the boys.  At preschool the children were asked to do a joint painting while thinking about the patterns of Australia.  Over a period of 3 weeks about 20 of the children added to it, with pencil, pen, texta, water colour paints, and acrylic paints.  Then the preschool auctioned it off in an open auction.  Needless to say, I won the auction, the photo does not do it justice at, its so beautiful and intricate, it has all of the children's names worked into it around the sections that they worked on, and Jack and Hamish's name are in it which makes it extra special, you really need to look at it in the morning light it's a very beautiful piece and I'm glad that I was able to snaffle it :)

The photo speaks for itself really! preschool, had a parent teachers night out, there were a few big names missing but those of us that were able to go had a blast, all be it a bit messy. 

Jack at the top of a high climbing frame. 

I am beginning to realise just how much older he is getting, it is quiet a new concept, to him as well. The confidence he is getting in his body and in his opinions, comes a lot of new challenges, and conquests, joys and hardships.  My lap is no longer as fitting a bed, and the idea that he wants to care for and challenge me occasionally is as delightful as it is confronting, ahh to parent a 4 year old.

This is really just a beautiful photo of my avid little climber, over the past few months Hamish and I have come to understand each other and communicate with each other better than ever before, and although we occasionally still clash as I think we always will, it is lovely to have a more symbiotic and balanced time together 

Last but not least, this is a photo of Hamish at the bike races.  He and Andrew had their first real father and son outing.  Andrew and Antony took Hamish and Innes to the bike races along with protective ear wear, a great day was had by all, even if Hamish escaped to have a closer look at the pits :)

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