Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bedtime Embrace

He wakes gently, sitting upright with a smile.  He looks over and sees me laying here watching him as he stirs.  We catch each others gaze, sleepy, soft and warm.  He gets out of bed and tiptoes over to me climbs under the covers and holds me for a moment caressing my back with his warm hands.  It has become a nightly ritual and one I look forward to every night, quietly I whisper into his ear 'I love you' eyes closed he murmurs back 'I love you to mumma'

He doesn't know the time, to him it may have only been moments since I tucked him in to bed, but I know it has been hours and every night I am reminded of those times when he was small enough to fit in my lap and how I would wait impatiently, filled with awe of this new love, for him to wake so I could kiss him again.

He opens his eyes and kisses me then crawls out of my bed and back into his.  If only I could bottle these perfect moments of motherhood, love and soft nightly embraces.


Lauren said...

Thanks for reminding me to enjoy it. I do love those special midnight snuggles... mine last til morning though and are a mix of draining and lovely all at once. They are the best cuddles though :)

Wondering Willow said...

Yeah Lauren, this is stage one of the sleep waking, he does then wake up a bit later and come into bed and well draining and lovely, some nights i love being snuggled between my two boys and other times i feel more like I'm wedged between to hot little bodies, back aching but i cant roll over... still it is a special time, of night and life

Shereen said...


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