Monday, 10 May 2010

Mothers Day!!

It's quiet absurd. I know but I am so excited about mothers day this year. I'm not normally pro these hallmark holidays like fathers, mother or valentine day. But there are a few reasons that this year is different.

Firstly, Jack participated in his first mothers day stall at school this week. The parents donate a present that goes into the stall and then the kids pick something out.  When I went to pick him up on friday he was carrying this massive bag but it was perfectly flat.  I must admit a little part of me melted when I saw him grinning at me with pride at his first purchase all on his own just for mummy. But a little part of me also realised that the only thing I could imagine was in such a flat bag was a calendar. I suddenly had an image of someone regifting a calendar from the beginning of the year and me being given a calendar with 1/2 the year almost over.

He said I could look in the bag because the present was wrapped so I did. Then it started to look and feel (yes I gave it a squish when he wasn't looking) like a padded coat hanger. A friend looked and said that it wasn't but it wasn't far off. I have no idea what's in it but I am almost giddy with excitement. Sure it may be a door hanger with "I love my mum" written on it but whatever it is it will be treasured.

Hamish also asked Andrew (loudly so I heard) to buy mummy a love heart for mothers day. I kept telling him I didn't want to know what he wanted to get me and then told AB that he had to try and find something from Hamish because this year Hamish gets the concept. I reminded AB that last year for fathers day Jack said he wanted to get him a turtle and Hamish wanted to get him something for work so I racked by brain and found him a turtle and a key ring.

In the end the reason I am so excited is because I think that this year my boys will get me what they think I would love. Without putting to much pressure on one gift I feel like whatever they buy will be indicative of how they see me and I am very excited to find out what that is ... Even if its a padded coat hanger!

PS. Jack got me an orange butterfly on a stick and a packet of sunflower seeds (perfect). And Andrew brought me (from Hamish) a docking station for my iPod so I could play music round the house more. Although Hamish tells me its so we can dance together. All in all it turned out to be a perfect mothers day !!!

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