Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ups, Downs and In betweens

Todays downs;

* Children woke at 4am
* Because children woke at 4am they had to deal with cranky mummy till school drop off
* Realised that friends baby shower is on the weekend Andrew is away (next week)
* Andrew is in adelaide today, left at 4.30am and won't be home till after bed
* Cooked casserole for dinner ... Oh casserole how I despise thee


* Beautiful friend took Hamish for a play date after school drop off so I could get some sleep
* Kids helped clean the house because I explained that I was still very tired and we would have a more relaxed evening if they helped me
* TimTams waiting for me after kids go to bed
* A few glasses of red wine
* Very little rain

In betweens;

* Didn't get to sleep during Hamish's play date due to multiple sales calls. But honestly I find it hard to sleep through the day anyhow
* Have to wait until the kids go to bed to eat timtams
* Andrew not home, but I get to be in charge of the remote
* Called friend and she said it was BYO children type of baby shower

All in all the day sort of worked out in that weird balanced way that makes you wonder why you went through the whole thing in the first place.


Catriona said...

I am so bewildered by the "BYO children". All I can think is "But I want children supplied for me! You mean I get all frocked up, buy you a nice present, and turn up, and I have to find some kids somewhere, too?"

I'm fairly sure that's not what you mean, but, in my own defence, I'm hideously behind in my work (post fall) and have had hardly any sleep this week.

Like you!

Oh, but the sales calls? Put yourself on the Do Not Call list. It's brilliant. No one ever rings us now except charities and political pollsters.

And friends.

Wondering Willow said...

I don't think I'd mind having to pick up some kids. I mean when they are new they are so damn cute. Its the fact that I have to bring my own ... Its exhausting just thinking about it. Oh and that's the problem with these calls we ARE on the do not call list. But they still call !!! What's with that?

Catriona said...

If they're still calling when you're on the Do Not Call list, then they're operating illegally. Not much you can do about them, but I find that they tend to disappear if you mention you're on the Do Not Call list and ask them to remove you from their list--they know it's illegal to call you.

But you might need to renew: earlier this year, they introduced a three-year maximum for the DNC list, and you need to renew your listing after that time.

(I didn't know that, and got caught out.)

So it might be that, too.

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