Thursday, 27 May 2010

What are you Waiting For?

Between last year and this year a few of my most beloved friends (Andrew included) have turned 40. This has been making me think a lot of things but the most predominant thought is "OH MY GOD ... I'm almost 40". From there its just a short skip and a jump and before I know it we will be selling our inner west pad and buying a condo in a seniors type area. You find me wearing a strapless swimming costume with one of those skirts attached watching my skin turn a lovely shade of leather.Ok ok I hear you I'm quiet a way off 40 and 40 is quiet a way away from retirement but these things have a way of getting into my brain. Sometimes this is not a bad thing. This year I am feeling the want to do things that normally I would put off till later. The problem with later is that often once later gets here you are either still not ready or the time has passed. Then you look back, and wonder what did I spend that time doing?I'm not talking about regrets but I am talking about not comfortably watching life pass without actively participating in it.
I have a very simple list of to dos. Mainly because most of the things I want to do are sort of internal stuff but the list of exciting and more interesting to dos is as follows;

* Buy a pair of roller skates (and use them) - Its the using them that will be the challenge because if you haven't figures it out yet I'm quiet lazy and would most often rather jump in my car than put on skates. But that is why it is a challenge.

* Go to India - this one is actually well on the way and the plan is to buy tickets tomorrow and figure out the logistics before we go in November.

* Fix up the house - OK so this may not be our year for doing a major reno after all. But I do hope that in some way we spruce up the house so that at least we feel better about living here.

* Join a gym - I hear you laughing :). But the thing is that I wish I was fitter and I think that the reason I get pain in my back is because my muscles are not supple or strong enough.

* Learn to cook lamb shanks - it seems easy enough but me and slow cooking don't usually do very well together so it may have to be something I practice.

* Listen to more music - something that should be made easier now that AB and the boys brought me an iPod dock for mothers day.

* Read those books that I keep on my shelf for one day - truth be told I actually have read a few of them in the last 12 months but I have a lot more to go.

* Clean the kitchen - ok that's more of a job that needs doing right now and that I am happily putting of to spend the time blogging .... Should get onto that really.

Maybe I'll put some lamb shanks on afterward? Probably not.

What is it that you are waiting till later to do? I guess the important question is what are you waiting for?

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