Tuesday, 12 October 2010

8th Wonder of the World

On Sunday Andrew went for one of his (all day) bike rides. As usual this meant that he left at the crack of dawn. When the kids and I got up not long after dawn we all realized that there was a distinct lack of breakfast items, including and most importantly, milk for my Sunday morning coffee.

I asked the kids if they wanted to go out for breakfast which was met with a resounding no! And then I asked if they wanted to go out for pancakes. Hamish wanted an explanation of what pancakes were exactly and Jack wanted to know if he could have "the stuff that's like honey, but not honey" (maple syrup) on them. After a quick description and a yes about the syrup we were on our way. It was such a pleasure introducing the boys to what could be considered the 8th wonder of the world ... Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup ...

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