Friday, 1 October 2010

Great things from my week (Holiday edition)

1.  The fruit on the blackberry bush in our street has finally ripened.  We have all got stained feet, hands and lips from gorging.

2.  After much excitement and very little planning Jack and Hamish enjoyed their first friend sleepover.  It was pretty sweet watching them trying to figure out sleeping arrangements and table settings.

3.  Hamish had his first sleepover.  Well actually it is currently underway.  More on that later when I a. Have more details and b. Don't feel all teary thinking about it.

(Photo care of Trish thanks to the wonders of MMS)

4.  I'm on call for my next woman with a baby due.  Sure this means I need to watch how much sleep I get and make sure that I am within the legal limit to drive.  But still its always cool to be at this stage of their journey.

5.  We've had birthday parties, play days, movies mornings (with popcorn and choc tops before 11am), snuggled on the lounge for hours, talked and tickled, read books, watched TV, climbed and run and scootered.

So far I rate these as the best holidays ever !!

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