Friday, 8 October 2010

Zen and the Art of Queueing.

And so it has begun. Today I am waiting in the India Passport and Visa Service Centre. When I arrived (about 50 minutes ago) they were up to number B314 with one woman serving the Bs as far as I can tell. They are now up to number B328. I am B347.

Luckily this didn't come as a complete surprise. Dad had warned me and so I brought a few bits to do. But at the same time I, ever the believer that these things won't happen to me, am still slightly shocked.

And then I started thinking, if I am shocked at the queue in the visa office, how am I going to handle India itself.

But I realised that although I'm surprised at the queue (and the fact that I am hungry, thirsty and just had to use my last tissue whilst squatting over the wee covered toilet isn't helping) I'm not stressed, I'm not even feeling impatient. Mostly I am amused, both by my own bravado "I'll just pop in babe it might even be worth you waiting" and by how very India even the visa office is.

So with 23 days to go before we leave, I'm glad I have this little insight into myself. And I'm hoping I'll be able to find a little of this zen attitude further down he track.

Ooh I'd better go we're at B331, I may be out of here by dinner time.

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