Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Family ... In All Shapes

When a member of your family gets old there are a number if things you can do. You could put them out to pasture, get rid of them, or you could take them in, nurture their body and hope they get to live with you until they die peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones.

Meet the newest member of our family. My dad and Inges old car. Now normally I don't get excited about cars. But I have loved this car for as long as dad has had it. I started driving it not long after I got my license and always hoped that one day we would have a car just like it.

When dad mentioned a few months ago that when they moved the didn't think they were going to take their old car, he asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in it. I instantly jumped at the idea knowing that Andrew had been talking about downsizing his car (obviously not literally).

Now to be honest I didn't want it to be my main car. Let's face it I live in the city and the smaller and zippier the car the easier it is to drive round here. But it's such a grand old beast and for that 'once in a while' I love that I can jump in and rumble along in it.


funkylamb said...

Is that a Range Rover?? Looks just like the car my father gave my mother when I was 4 (complete with a giant red bow)...I loved that car...

zahra said...

Do you love your family.Family will be with us forever rite.

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