Sunday, 17 October 2010

Moving On

I mentioned earlier that dad and Inge are moving to Maleny. Well tomorrow is moving day. So yesterday Andrew and I went up and picked up a few bits we were taking (happily) off their hands. In particular their old car (more about that later). 

As we were driving up the Northern Beaches something hit me ... This could be the last time for a long time that I drive up here.

I have driven up to dads regularly since I got my license. And the drive felt like driving home. Of course being the big sook that I am, once I had this thought I became a blubbering mess.

When dad first mentioned moving away people asked me how I felt about it. The answer was always the same. I'm excited for him and thrilled that they have chosen to throw caution to the wind and trying something new. I knew without a doubt that dad, Inge and I will always be close in spite of whatever geographical distance there may be between us. And yet on the drive up there I felt like I was saying goodbye. Not to them so much (although partially) but to a familiar and comfortable part of my life. The idea that if things ever get tough. There was somewhere I could just jump in the car and drive to (and be there within an hour and a half). 

I know that part of them moving away means that we may see each other more as we will go up there to stay for a day or more instead of the normal 4 hour catch ups we do every few months. And so there are some benefits to the distance.  But still, I'll miss my daddy.

As always dad had just the right words to soothe the part of me that found itself feeling like it was five again. And now I know that I am excited and proud but a small part of me is sad for myself and my kids that they are leaving and wondering what and how our relationship will change and develop as we find our way around the geographical distance.

So it's not really a goodbye (although it may be for the northern beaches) it's bon voyage, enjoy the trip that you are taking from the norm. See you on the flip side. 

(now excuse me while I go off and get a little teary, but with a smile on my face) 

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