Sunday, 26 July 2015

And the Winner is ...

Yesterday was a good day. We all drove up to Avalon to see the best evil step mother in the world. Had a bite to eat and then afterwards we popped to the park to let the kids run of some energy.

Bec came up with a game to help them exhaust themselves. The kids had to run an obstacle course that entailed running down the hill and stairs, around the bins, over the climbing frame at the park, and back up the hill.

The boys had two goes and then they asked me to have a go. So I did.

Now there are two things about me that the older I get the more I have to realize. Although I think it's something that those who know me well have known for a while.

1. I don't like to loose
2. I especially don't like to loose to the kids.

1/2 of it is an only child thing I think and the other is also that I'm just not ready for the kids to overtake me .... yet.

So all dressed up for lunch I stood on top of the hill ready to go. It wasn't until later that I though, jeez that probably looked pretty insane to all of the other parents in the park who were chatting over coffees in their sports clothes. Watching me belt down the hill, climb over the climbing frame and run about as fast as I ever have up the hill all so I could beat an 8 and 10 year old at their own game.

But who cares. The above photo is of Bec and I celebrating my beating the kids not once but twice.

Could I breathe ... Nope
Did I want to vomit ... Yep
Did I win .... Yeah baby I did, twice!

My 'mummy is the strongest, fastest, hilarious and most outlandish mummy in the world' persona is still standing strong.

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