Friday, 10 July 2015

The View from Over There

Ok I admit it! Sometimes I am SUCH an only child. I like my stuff to be mine. I can share!! ... when I want to. But I have mini tantrums in my head when people touch my stuff. I can't stand it when the kids use my towel. And my bedroom is a no go zone. But nothing brings out the wrath quite the same way as people in 'my spot'. Even the kids know when I walk in that they should move off my spot and find somewhere else to sit. It's a thing ... And yup I love it.

When we were getting the house ready for open houses we had to have a massive clear up and out. I have a thing for clutter. And an obsession with chairs. In fact in our tiny house we have 5 lounges and 8 other sitting devices.

So to make this tiny house look more spacious we rearranged the lounge room, study and studio to make it all feel like you don't have to dodge furniture to live here. This meant moving one lounge out of the lounge room and moving the other to another spot to highlight how 'huge' (tiny) it was.

After we had finished I suddenly looked at Bec and broke into tears. We had moved everything around and I had suddenly lost 'my spot'. I hadn't even paid attention. Just came in after a hard day's rearranging and boom ... it was gone.

It's been an uncomfortable few weeks. Although we grabbed some bean bags for the kids. The truth is 4 people can't snuggle in and chill on a three person lounge and bean bags just don't cut it.

Today I moved the room back to how it was (upside of having sold it). Well actually I moved my lounge back into its spot and am waiting for Bec to come home to grab the other.

And about an hour ago, I sat back in my spot. I feel renewed and if anyone tries to sit here I'm totally going to spazz out.

Small things right.

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