Friday, 17 July 2015

Lounge Suit

I love a chair ...

Actually let me be clearer, I love a free chair. You know those random chairs you see on the side of the road with a leg missing? I'm probably going to pull over and have a look to see if I can make it work.

Especially lounges. Oh my how I love a lounge (free lounge).

People have them going for free when they move, they are on the side of the road, they are at Vinnies for $20 and all I think is 'ohhhh I'm sure I can make that work, we don't really need that desk/wardrobe/bed.

Until 4 weeks ago when one finally made its way into a skip, my teeny little house had 5 lounges. And a few months before that, for a short time, I had 6.

So let's be clear, I know I don't need another lounge.

But last week there was a person from an online group I am part of giving away a lounge. It was awesome and exactly what I wish at least 1 of my lounges looked like. So I said I would take it. By the time she saw my response she had contacted a charity and they were going to take it. I figured 'they need it a lot more than me, so that's great'.

Then yesterday she messaged me and said 'hey do you still want that lounge'. WOOT!!!

I got the messages a few hours after it was sent but as soon as I saw it I replied that yes I still wanted it and could she remind me what it looked like (ok yes I have a lounge problem).

I waited by the phone and finally the response came through.

'Oh sorry I've given it to someone else'


So my lesson in this, if someone offers you a free lounge and then takes it away and then offers it again and then takes it away AGAIN, you probably don't need another lounge and the universe is telling you to get over it or get help.

Still .... Anyone got a lounge they are getting rid of let me know.

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