Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dinner Selfies

Jack loves to cook and one of his plans for these holidays was to cook muffins. As with all best laid plans, it didn't happen. Every time we had time, friends would pop in or another activity seemed far more interesting. Tonight he decided to cook dinner.


Him cooking dinner was cool. He had specific ideas about the salad and how to plate it but the best part for me wasn't the eating it was the conversations as I watched and he made. I sat on the bench waiting for bits to be ready and he really openly chatted about so many things.

So tonight's dinner is southern style chicken, kale and potato salad with a balsamic mustard dressing.

I am full to the brim ... And I haven't eaten yet. But my heart and mind over this kid may explode.

FYI Hamish totally cooked dinner with Bec last week. I knew I had no patience left to make Beef Larb. So Bec did it. I kind of regret it now. Next time I'll fight for the time.

FYI Beef Larb probably not the best starter dish but we all chewed out way through it. Except for Hamish.

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