Saturday, 3 January 2009

Goodbye and Hello

So it's new year, 2009. We have been so busy in the last few weeks that i have hardly had time to sit and think about the the year ahead, let alone the year that has passed.

So what have the highlights of the last year been;

There are of course all of the joys that my family have given me.  There are far to many sweet cute funny and gorgeous things that they have done, it would be impossible to list them.

I have attended two women as they birthed, watching with amazement as they and their partners welcomed their new daughters into the world.  I have also been lucky enough to speak to many other women about supporting them and my doula self is learning so much from every one of them.
I have spent a lot of time with my Aunt as she lives and dies of cancer.  Being with her has been so hard but it has also shown me a side of myself i needed reminding of and being able to watch her strength and resolve as she walks down this path has been inspiring

There have been a lot of changes in the way i see myself as a mother as well.  I have stopped being so hard on myself, and started looking for the good in who I am and how I raise my children. I like myself more and therefore i enjoy my children more.

I have strengthen friendships and shed some of my less healthy ones.  The group of people that we have around us these days nurture our lives and remind us that family is more than blood.  

I have gained more self, with things like writing this blog, being part of Homebirth Access Sydney and completing components of my course.  These are all things that are all about me and that remind me of who i am beyond mother and wife.

For the year ahead, i hope for more of the same; 
I'd like to complete my courses, 
Be kinder to myself and my family, 
I'd like to learn more about punctuation and grammar, as i am keenly aware that i am terrible at both *grin*, 
I'd like to find more time to spend alone with Andrew, 
Somehow survive sending Hamish off to preschool 2 days a week.

And of course world peace and goodwill towards men (and women) ...... those things may take longer than a year though.  So may the punctuation...........

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