Friday, 16 January 2009

Whooping Cough Watch

Its quiet around here and the reason for that is that we are on whooping cough watch.  A little friend of ours came over, later to discover that she had whooping cough and now we are in quarantine waiting to find out if the little cough Jack had two nights ago is THE dreaded cough. 

Blogging has become a luxury while I try and keep two boys happy at home, I'm bringing out all the stops we have been painting, glueing, bubbling, face painting, jamming, climbing and basically trashing the house trying to find things to do at home while we await the verdict.

Thankfully its the weekend and tomorrow I am hanging with Trish at her market stall at Orange Grove Organic Market, drinking coffee and talking to pregnant woman or couples with new babies about slings birth and all things AP..... basically my idea of a great day off :)  

So hopefully Monday I will be ready to blog again, if the kids go to preschool after getting a negative result, wish us luck.

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