Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday Overheard in NY

Stroller mom admonishing toddler: Connor! Connor, stop that now. Connor, I'm going to count to French. Un, deux, trois.

--Broadway & 93rd St

Father to three rowdy children: You guys are gonna need to calm down, this is gonna be a two hour ride and there is no bar car on this train. Which is unfair to daddies with 3 kids.

--Grand Central

Security guard, breaking up fight during peace march: You can't fight at the peace march! You can't fight at the peace march!

--143 & Malcolm X

Girl to friend: I know, man! I was like, "Expelliarmus!"

--116th & Amsterdam

Ghetto Latina, seeing MTA worker hug crying bag lady: Shit, I'm from the Bronx, born and raised, and I ain't never seen no subway man be giving out free hugs. I seen shouting matches, I seen drug deals, I seen fist fights, but I ain't never seen no free hugs in a subway station. That's some fuckin dedication right there.

--59th St. Subway Station

And the last one especially for Treena;

Girl #1: That's a cute dress. Are you going to wear it with leggings.
Girl #2: I don't own leggings.
Girl #1: Why not?
Girl #2: Because I'm not an asshole.

--Penn Station

1 comment:

Catriona said...

Yeah, leggings and I understand one another. We understand our relative places in the world.

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