Friday, 16 January 2009

Overheard in New York

OK so I just posted about being to busy to write, but I just saw this website, Overheard in New York and had to share.  I think it could become a bit of a daily ritual.

My favourite quotes were;

Weren't You Jamaican Yesterday?

Teenager: I don't know if I would wear a fur coat, ever.
Friend: I know I would, just as long as it wasn't raccoon...raccoons are just gross.
Hobo with heavy Russian accent: In mother Russia raccoon wear you!

Any my second favourite was;

Why Are You Brad Pitt in Every Hypothetical?
Gay guy: I'm the understudy? How does this make sense? I'm so good and Greg is so awful.
Girl: Yeah, I don't know.
Gay guy: It's like Brad Pitt being cast as an extra for Pauly Shore's new movie. And I'm Brad Pitt!

--8th & 30th

Now I just read this to Andrew and he didn't laugh so either, the way I read them sort of ruined them or only someone with a weird sense of humour like me will find this funny, either way at least I know Catriona will laugh :)

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