Saturday, 17 January 2009

Immerse Yourself

Years ago I read Neil Gaimans book Stardust, I thought it was fantastic and it continued to be my favourite book for years and then one day I was walking past the fantasy section in a bookstore and I saw his latest publication 'Fragile Things'.  I stood there staring it at it and realised that as much as I had loved Stardust I had never thought to look further into his writing.  I brought the book and read it, and it was fabulous.  

How weird is it that I had never thought to read more of his stuff?  

I went on to read the other books that I found on the fantasy shelf and concluded (this time with more than just one book to back it up) that Neil Gaiman is far and away my favourite author.

Then life went on, I read loads of other books some good and some crap, and when I looked at the Gaimans on my shelf I wondered where the next great book was going to come from.

Tonight I decided to do a search on Gaiman, I wanted to check out a graphic novel he had done and lo and behold when I looked on his site there are a load of other novels and different things that he had published.  

So I have had an epiphany, I don't immerse myself in things.  Ok Ok yeah sure I immerse myself in my family and my kids, I immerse myself in the movements of my life but I don't immerse myself in my interests, I don't immerse myself in me.  (sounding a bit like a self help book)

Often as mothers we talk about how we have trouble doing things for ourselves, we get carried away with the day to day, the needs of our kids, our house, our partners, the bits a pieces seem to fill every day and somehow we go to bed at the end of the day and feel exhausted but cant remember what we really did.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and source a new Gaiman book, or maybe I'll start the yoga classes I've been talking about for a year, maybe I will sit and meditate, or find the new handbag I have wanted for months, maybe I'll go and search some of my favourite music and see what's on their back catalogue, I don't know but now that Hamish is in preschool a few day a week it's time for me to start thinking about the things that interest me beyond the day to day.  Maybe I'll discover a passion for Alpacas, but probably not.

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