Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Conversations with a 4.5 year old

As I was putting Jack to bed last night completely out of the blue we had this conversation.

Jack: Mummy, when are you going to have a baby girl?
Me: Would you like a sister?
Jack: Hmm well you can't, you don't have another baby?
Me: No (wondering if he thinks that I had a bottle of babies that was now empty) No baby I don't have another baby, but Daddy and I could make one, the same way as we made you and Hamish
Jack: How?
Me: (suddenly realising we were having 'that' talk again and also realising that I still hadn't figured out the best way of explaining where babies come from) Well remember I told you that the same way as we plant a seed in the earth and it grows, well daddy plants a seed in mummy and very slowly a baby grows in my tummy
Jack: (seeming satisfied with my plant analogy) Well can you make one then
Me: Would you like another brother or a sister?
Jack: A sister
Me: And what would you call a sister?
Jack: It would be ok if there were two Maalis, there are two Scarletts
Me: Yes, you wouldn't mind if mummy and daddy had another child in the house, you would have to share us and your things,
Jack: Oh no mummy I wouldn't mind, I like sharing

And you know what, I bet he truly wouldn't xx

And to finish off here is another photo of the birthday boy. Taken today, in our back yard eating an icy pole.  Gawd he's such a cutiepie :)


Catriona said...

So is now the time to tell him that if he's fussy about the gender of his proposed sibling, he really should be having this conversation with Daddy?


Lauren said...

What gorgeous boys you have :)

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