Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hamish 3rd Birthday Party

(Hamish 3 days old)

My head is spinning at how fast my little men are growing up. Tomorrow is Hamishs' 3rd birthday, and on the weekend we had his little birthday party.

He is truly a beautiful soul, every mad intense sweet little part of him. He endears himself to people in a way that is amazing to watch. Yesterday he started trying to write his name, working so hard on the letter 'H' his face screwed in total concentration, and while I watched him it really solidified the fact that my baby, is no longer a baby

As it stands today, his favourite things include;



Tormenting his brother



Dancing, singing and playing music

All in all he is an enigma, as I think all children should be, and everyday day/week/year is constantly full of surprises, with us often asking what will he do next.

In true Hamish style, he wanted a flower birthday cake, made of bananas and chocolate. In true mummy style I made it from scratch, but was unable to make it look anything like a flower, luckily he thought it looked and tasted great, so it was a success .... a very ugly success.

And so tomorrow, we wish him his real Happy Birthday, after the joy of his party I don't think he will even notice, but still I will spend the day remembering that this time 3 years ago we went to bed a family of 3 and by the next night we were a family of 4.

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Lauren said...

How cool is that?! Awesome work with the flower cake ;) I wuss out with making shapes. Sounds like a lovely day and a gorgeous boy. x

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