Saturday, 29 August 2009


A few days ago I was laying on the lounge and Hamish lifted up my top put his mouth to my breast then grinned and wandered off. I realised it was the first time in about a month that he had shown any interest in having boob.

Im a big believer in don't offer don't refuse method. Its where you let you children wean in their own time slowly and so far both of my boys have done the same thing slowly feeding less and less.

Jack still loves my boobs, he loves to hold them kiss them talk about them and occasionally tastes some milk, it is certainly occasionally confronting but I love the healthy relationship he continues to have with my breasts. He fed regularly until he was about 3.5 and then one day announced he was getting big now and doesn't want boob anymore, other than the asking me to express a little when i was still feeding Hamish, he hasn't fed since.

So now it looks like Hamish has finished having boob, like his brother he still loves to touch them for comfort and curiosity but I tried hand expressing a little today and i got a few drops, a few months ago i could have still squirted you across the room.

So breastfeeding is over for me.

I loved breastfeeding, I breastfed for 4.5 years non stop, I tandem fed for 18 months, I never got mastitis or any issues with my breasts, I loved the ability to put my babies to sleep anywhere because boob was all they needed, even when I got tired of breastfeeding when I was pregnant, I still loved what it gave Jack and I think that the fact that I breastfed through pregnancy and tandem fed after, had a HUGE part to play in why Jack has never shown ANY jealousy or displacement.

So as much as I want to cry and mourn, I also want to give a huge thanks to my babies, my husband for his unwavering breastfeeding support .... and my glorious, although now slightly used breasts xx


Eirene said...

HI Leigh
It's Eirene here. I loved hearing this story. I loved breastfeeding too. It was, no, still is, a big part of my life. I haven't done it for 8 years now, but the satisfactin of having done it is still there. I thought I would mourn it too, but by the time it was over I was ok about stopping.

But it's a wonderful wonderful thing to do and I feel so sorry for those mums who mistakenly believe their milk dries up at 4 months.


Wondering Willow said...

Hey Eirene,

I think you might be right. I don't miss the action of breastfeeding I think what I am mourning is the fact that if I am no longer breastfeeding then I must no longer have a baby. I am quiet certain that at this time I don't another baby, but still ....

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