Friday, 14 August 2009

Cooking with Children

See ... See... Just as I almost called a blogging hiatus I thought of something that I needed to share, damn its frustrating, but also a pretty cool emergency blogging reflex.

Last week Jack announced that he wants to be a chef, his words. We watched Masterchef and I wondered if that is where he got the idea from, but when questioned further he said that he wanted to be a chef like me *grin*

Anyhow, to try work with his interests we have cooked something together for the last few days. The best part of this new hobby is that as we are preparing food he is excitedly tasting new things.

We cooked a banana and chocolate chip cake. OK no stretch there, both he and his brother would quote bananas as being one of their favourite foods, and who doesn't love chocolate chips. But we also cooked a healthy lasagna, and today alone Jack tried raw and cooked mushroom, raw and cooked tomato, raw and cook spinach, onion, ricotta, asparagus, lettuce, and rocket.

A lot of these foods are ones that he has tried before, some he used to eat often, but recently I have had trouble getting Jack interested in being brave and trying things that he feels uninspired by so all of this is great stuff.

I know it is a stage, a lot of kids go up and down with their willingness to eat foods, especially ones that are challenging like mushrooms, and generally Jack has a good range of foods that he eats regularly and I mostly feel like he has quiet good nutrition but it is still fairly limited, and within those limits my culinary skills have been stretched.

So lets hope that this new interest in food and cooking is a healthy and inspired move forward.

Plus then I can make more Swedish Chef posts, and gosh that Swedish Chef makes me giggle check out this little clip

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