Friday, 14 August 2009

Writers Writing

I love my blog, but I am guilty of ignoring it at times, and recently more so than ever before. The problem is that at the moment, I am trying to write more fiction and that seems to be taking me away from my general musings.

Now don't get me wrong, it's my choice and I am enjoying the effort I am putting into my fictional writing very much but I am also feeling guilty and neglecting my poor blog and the 2 people who read it *wink*

You see my blog is such a triumph for me, it is the first thing that I really put myself into after having children and it has given me a place for my brain to release a lot of ideas and day to day thoughts that otherwise would have had to run around in my head.

I also love the fact that it helped me connect with the part of me that loves to write, it has pushed me to think about things like grammar punctuation that had been forgotten a long time ago. There is of course a direct link between my blog and the other stuff I am writing today.

So although some days I think gosh, should I just write a post that says I'm on hiatus, the next day something will hit my brain and I'll think , god there has got to be a blog post in that :)

So if you are still reading, thank - you, my blog alone gives my soul a little something, but it helps if I think a few people might actually be reading as well xx

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Shereen said...

I so could have written this! I feel the same about my blog- I love it, it gives me passion and focus, something that I have achieved that is just for me. But after 18 months or so I feel it is time to evolve or something.

I would love to read your fiction stuff, could you not publish it here or start a new fiction only blog?

And no need to have an official hiatus- the good things about blogs is they are there when we need them.


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