Friday, 21 August 2009

Its a Knight/Pirate/Cowboy Kinda Day

Andrew has been away this week. It was timed well as the first 3 days he was away the boys were at preschool. Thursday though found me tired and the boys looking for something extra to do.

They decided to make swords.  Jack had already made/found 1/2 a wooden sword outside preschool a few days ago and spent the morning decorating it.  I mentioned to him that some swords have jewels on the handle and inscriptions on the blade. After some explaining about what inscriptions were and browsing online at different swords and knights, he exclaimed loudly, "I know, I'll write This Is A Sword, on it!"

Then it was time to make shields and helmets. We had run out of boxes that would make good helmets so I made helmet masks for them.

Jack decided he didn't like his mask and wanted to be a Pirate, then a cowboy, then a warrior that didn't need a mask.

The fun play lasted an hour, until they both started taking the battle to seriously and we had a few casualties.  Mummy put the war games away :)

I found myself sitting here wondering about boys and they combat play.  I often feel completely unskilled at dealing with it in a non judgemental way, while still explaining that hitting your brother over the head with a cardboard sword might seem like 'the thing to do" but it really isn't.

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