Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Quiet Day in the Sun

Day 2.

We got into Port Macquarie later than expected last night and did most of our setup in the dark.  It was disorientating for the kids (and me) especially after seven hours in the car.  The kids just wanted to run and sleep and we wanted to setup and eat. Therefore within the first hour Jack, who likes home comforts, was asking when we were going home.

Luckily the uber rent-a-tent lived up to its word and was super quick to setup.  It felt to late to cook camp style so we popped into town, had a quick sit down meal and by the time we walked back the kids were well and truly ready for bed.  AB and I then sat on the esky had a glass of wine and went to bed ourselves.

I was worried that the bed setup was going to be  problematic seeing that the kids were on a mattress on the floor and AB and I were sleeping in a bed that needs a step and a grunt to get up into.  Both of the boys are used to sleeping very close to us (if not literally on top of us) but it turned out to be fine because;
 1. Jack slept through the night
 2. Hamish only woke up twice
 3. Mummy learnt how to get in and out of the very high bed while still in her sleeping bag

Morning for us also often turns out to be a challenge seeing that our kids wake very early (between 4.30 and 5.30) but they happily both slept till 6.  AB took them for a walk while mummy had another hour snuggled in her penthouse bed.

Then the day progressed like any caravan park camping trip: 
* 100 trips to use the new and fascinating (to 4 and a 3yr olds) toilets.
* One drive into town to get all the bits you forgot or replace things that turned out not to work. 
* Multiple walks around the park and plays in the playground.
* Two trips to find a decent coffee.
* Three playing along the breakwater.
* Three hours swimming in a pool so cold that made the kids teeth chatter.
* One shower for mummy and the boys.  With mummy grabbing her wet towel every 5 minutes and ducking between showers because dodgy plumbing meant that the showers didn't stay at the optimal 3/4 year old temperature
* Two hours Daddy fishing
* Mummy having her second (and then third) glass of wine for her holiday (that's it I'm stopping the count now, it is. Holiday after all)
* Figuring out the rest of the uber rent-a-tent gizmos so we can cook dinner
* and finally the last walk around the park, kids teeth brushed and asleep and mummy sitting with her technology, blogging.

Now that is finished, I'm going to move to a chair out of the sea breeze, refill my wine glass and read my book, by the uber rent-a-tents built in night light

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