Thursday, 1 October 2009

Start with a Bang

Day 3

There is nothing quiet like a rude awakening.  I mean that quiet literally. Like when you are laying in your cozy bed thinking that in 10 - 15 minutes tops your hubby is going to take the kids out for their morning sojourn and you are going to be left in your cocoon for an hour or so's uninterrupted sleep.  Then you hear the dreaded caravan park camping words;

"someone has stolen our esky!" Quiet a rude shock to the system.

I lay there for about 10 minutes trying to decided if anything could be achieved by my getting out of bed. Only to decided that to be a supportive partner I needed to put my wants aside.

So yes our esky was gone, and just after we had filled it for the trip to bello.  Andrew decided to go for a walk around the park to see if he could see it but both of us had no thoughts that we would ever see our esky, let alone our yogurt, sausages etc and my bottle of wine. 

Although we were disappointed we knew that these things happen and it would all be ok, there would be more food and other eskies.

15 minutes later he returned without the esky.  So off he trotted to tell the reception and off I went to figure out what to feed the kids for breakfast (thank god for long life milk).  The guy at reception told him that there was a drain at the back of the park and that often when eskys are stolen (seems quiet common, not something that is in the brochure) they leave them there. So off he trotted again. By this time we had quiet a few grey nomads gathering around taking about how they knew someone who knew someone who had once lost an esky.  The kids were asking if a bug'la took it and I was trying to eat my long life milky breakfast without gagging.

Then like a cat who ate the cream back saunters AB WITH the esky and all of our food, minus the wine but it was cheap and I wasn't really excited about drinking it anyway. 

Another grey nomad (ie old person who travels around Australia in some sort of van) came over and said that there was an esky behind her tent and it wasn't theirs. I was about to thank her but say it wasn't ours, when I realised that the old esky we use to carry our pots and pans was missing.


2 eskies stolen, 2 eskies safely back home again.

Really nothing else in the day could beat the eskies coming home.

* Uber rent-a-tent once again lived up to its name, as we were able to leave all bedding mattresses etc laid out and just fold it up and off we went.
* Stopped at Urunga which was lovely until it got so windy that Hamish almost blew over
* We spoke to the friends that we are camping with at the festival and found out that in spite of our cheeky ideas, you couldn't sneak into the camp ground 24 hours early
* I decided that we should go to Repton, to stay in a caravan park on the Bellinger river.

So here I am once again. Kids are asleep. Andrew and I are sitting at the waters edge about 6 meters away from the tent. He is fishing, as I write this he just caught his 5th fish (all under sized but still ...) And I am blogging with a glass of much better wine beside me, and a tim tam in my tummy. Its much warmer here so all in all for a day that started with such a bang the evening is positively peachy.

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