Tuesday, 12 January 2010

IQ (not Einstein)

We have Foxtel cable TV.  Its got its merits but realistically when you are searching for something to watch whether you have 5 stations or 50 sometimes (often) there is nothing on.

When we subscribed we got given, free of charge, the IQ version.  There are a few features we use (and have become reliant on) the ability to pause live TV (handy when you live under the flight path or have young children), one button recording, and the ability to view the TV guide and then just push a button to record even asking it to grab whole seasons.

Its all fluff but to be honest but it makes life easier and it means we have a backlog of stuff that we can watch when there is nothing on TV.

I was just browsing our backlog and wondered ... What does our IQ say about us?

The following is a list of what's currently sitting in our IQ (in order), most are unwatched except the 1st dozen or so which are things that AB and the kids won't let me delete.  Its also important to acknowledge that the stuff we were really excited about seeing we have already watched and deleted so really this is just the bottom of the barrel of things we (I) think we (I) might watch one day:

- 7 of AB's favourite Top Gear episodes (saved)
- The Wild (saved)
- Ratatoullie (saved)
- Matilda (saved)
- Emperor's New Groove
- Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory (saved)
- Frida
- Adaptation
- Careful he Might Hear You
- Die Hard
- Mad Max
- Grapes of Wrath
- Fast Times at Ridgemont High
- Starman
- The Searchers
- The Wizard of Oz
- Gone with the Wind
- Top Gear
- Japanese Story
- December Boys
- I Heart Huckabees
- Top Gear
- Screamers
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (S06E07)
- Big Love (series linked)
- Lie to Me (series linked)
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (series linked)
- Californication (series linked)
- Top Gear (series linked)

By the look of that list I wonder if burglars decided to sit down and watch the TV before they stole it who would they think they were stealing from?  Am I actually ever going to watch 1/2 that stuff? Why does AB need to keep all those episodes of Top Gear? Will he ever watch them again? And if he wants them so much should we not buy them so they don't clog up the memory (that I could be using to grab many other random crap movies/shows)? and most importantly what does your IQ/TiVo say about you?

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Kim said...

Nothing insightful to say, except that SWAT is an awesome film! One of my favourites :)

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