Friday, 15 January 2010

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

My littlest boy got his own bed this week. He has been sleeping in his own space for almost 6 months now and over the holiday period started mentioning his want for his own big boy bed. I found the base at Tempe tip and we got an inexpensive mattress (knowing that we have a while left with the occasional wet bed and we could throw this one and buy a better one later)

The first night we had the beds arranged differently and the boys both woke a lot and in the morning they said they thought they were two far away from each other so yesterday we came up with this arrangement. Last night they both only woke once. Not bad for the first night of a new setup. My littlest looks so big in his new bed, I had fresh pangs of longing to keep them safe and small forever. But I also rejoiced in the fact they he is ready and happy and we have moved forward in his own time.

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