Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sunny Mornings at the Pool

This week Jack has started swimming lessons again.  Our last experience at swimming lessons was a bit disastrous. Every thursday morning Jack would say the he wanted to go to his lesson and then about 5 minutes into the class he would decide that he didn't want to do the class at all. It was horrible watching the instructor telling him off and trying to make him do the class. It was also horrible seeing how cranky I got at the fact that I had packed a huge bag put Hamish in the pram and was trying to wrangle my littlest while convincing my large one that he needed to get back in the pool.  After four classes like that I decided that this was not the time for swimming lessons.

Cut to yesterday. Jack was excited about the class until he saw the pool. Suddenly it was to cold, to slippery, to deep and all manner of to scary.  He is not afraid of the water at all I think he is afraid of being told he has to do things he is uncomfortable with.

Luckily after watching for a minute and a little chat with the instructor he was keen to get started and he seemed to enjoy the class a lot.

We have four more classes to go, let's hope they all work out as well.

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