Tuesday, 5 January 2010

This is our oldest dog (child) Oscar on Christmas morning.  Jack had woken me at 6.30am and ran downstairs to AB while I waited to see if Hamish was going to wake up.  Once I'd realised that Hamish was going to sleep for a while I wandered downstairs to have the dreaded sibling conversation (you know the one where your parents ask you to wait to open your presents until your brother wakes up)

Oscar met me at the bottom of the stairs bouncing and prancing, looking at me expectantly.  I opened the back door expecting that he needed to pee and went back to tell Jack he could take one thing out of his santa sack before Hamish woke up.

Oscar was still standing next to me with his best grin on his face wagging his tail and looking excited.  I mused with Andrew what he thought Oscar was doing.
"I think he's waiting for his present"
"I didn't get him one, plus he doesn't know its Christmas day ... Does he?"

It certainly looked like he knew it was Christmas morning, in fact there was really no mistaking the prancing and wagging ... Damn it the dog knows it Christmas and I didn't get him anything.

I ran into the study and found a freebie dog toy we had been given with the last bag of dog food we had brought, wrapped it and walked out with MY tail between my legs.

He sat with those big doleful eyes looking at me as I brought the present out from behind my back.  Chaos ensued...

Don't ask me how he knew it was Christmas but this year I learnt not to think that just because he is a dog, he doesn't need a present.

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