Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Chair in the Air

The woman who lives across the road from us is utterly and delightfully quirky (aka mad).  She is in her late 60s, I think, and an artist. She lives alone, her husband lives around the corner in another house.  Which I think I have mentioned before, sometimes sounds like a great idea.

The other day she invited Hamish and I over for a cup of tea on the chair in the air. I just figured that that was a euphemism. But after the tea was made we wandered outside and there, above her veranda was a deck chair. There was a permanent ladder going up between two sheets of that see through corrugate then a platform built between the beams and bolted on top was the deck chair, with a hole for the umbrella. (Hopefully pictures to come)

Why? Is the first question you may want to ask and I did.  To which her answer was "because I wanted to see the view and so I thought why not"

Well why not indeed!  It got me thinking why don't we put more passion and creativity into our houses? I mean we all put a lot of those things into the interior. So why aren't we more creative with the structure itself.

When we had our first meeting with our architect he asked me for the things that were on my wish list no matter how crazy so I said:

- Polished concrete floors
- A wall of book shelves
- An outdoor shower

The first two are easy and fairly doable but the outdoor shower (when you live in the inner city) is a bit more tricky.  Andrew mentioned that we could just put a shower in the backyard, but that wasn't what I meant. Picture the whole tropical holiday indoor outdoor shower thing and you've got the idea.

When we got the plans back, sure enough there it was. This little courtyard that my shower overlooked and a big glass door that would open out into it.  I don't know if it will end up in the final product (if the final product ever actually happens lol) but this little quirk is the thing that I am most excited about.  Its the thing that takes our potential home out of the norm and fulfills my little, albeit crazy, dream. Its my chair in the air. What's yours?

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