Thursday, 11 February 2010

Todays Haul (2)

Got to love a great second hand haul. I had another day of mini bargains;

5 tops - one with a babushka doll on that Andrew thinks is me going a bit far
1 pair of trousers
1 pair of tights - in groovy Scandinavian print
1 pair cherry boots - for Hamish
1 knitted bag - for going out at night
9 books - including 1 set of 3 that I am giving as a birthday present and 1 that I didn't realise that I already had 2 of so will probably sell
1 pair of pointy shoes with mid sized heels - for me to replace the ones I left by the fountain

All for under $30 :)


Catriona said...

I can see another Penguin! I'm finding this wholesale Penguin purchasing intriguing. I can't make out the title, though, so it's also frustrating.

And let me know what you think of Artemis Fowl, too: I can see that on the top of the pile. I didn't care much for it, myself, but I read The Wish List by the same author, and enjoyed that greatly.

Wondering Willow said...

You know that I cant go past a very cheap classic. Its The legend of Sleepy Hollow and it was $1. Also its Artemis Fowl The Arctic Incident I have the first one but haven't read it yet ... again it was $1 so i grabbed it :)

Catriona said...

But are you actually reading the very cheap classics? That's what I want to know! Because those things breed. My Penguin bookcase is double stacked, and I still have others scattered all over the house, not to mention the bookcase devoted to older hardbacks.

I think I have the second Artemis Fowl, or maybe the third one. (As well as the original.) But I didn't bother with reading them--the first one just didn't grab me.

Wondering Willow said...

Well lets just say I brought a whole bunch of 'classics' a few years ago and finally got around to reading them about 4 years later. So its a yes and no answer. No I am not planning on reading the Legend of Sleepy Hollow tonight but yes i can envisage that one day I will. As far as Polidori's The Vampyre ... who knows maybe one day i will pick it up and skim it or i could get the shock of my life pick it up and actually ready the damn thing. Its like war and peace, yes I have it on my shelf, no so far i have never been looking for a book seen it and though wow I'm totally in a war and peace mood. But one day I might, at least if I'm ever thinking about it its already on my shelf for the bargain price of $1.

PS I also picked up Mary Shelleys Frankenstein last week for $2 in the same format :) its habitual i cant go past a cheap second hand book that i think one day i might (probably will) read ... could explain the lack of shelf space in the house :)

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