Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Warm Hands Warm Heart

Today didn't start well. Firstly I woke with a cricked neck. Then I had to say goodbye to Andrew as he is away for work for two days. The power went out. Then Jack and Hamish were in a weird feral place. By the time I got home I was a babbling mess feeling very sorry for myself and totally in need of something to raise my spirits.

The power finally came back on so I made myself a coffee and sat down to watch Buffy. But the crick in my neck was still making me feel aggravated. I decided to go to the cheap little man who gives good (albeit rough) massages in the middle of the shopping center and then I stopped, maybe today what I needed was something more nurturing than a quicky.

I ended up ringing the local day spa (see the post on the Bikini Incident) and booked in for a 30 minute stress reducing massage.

I have just written the paragraph describing the massage 6 times and every time I have had to deleted it because it came off either sounding cheesy or X-Rated. It was neither of these things. The thing is that the best part about a great massage is the touch. At the core it's quiet a sensual experience and thats something thats hard to write about without it feeling graphic. So lets all just pretend that I managed to find the words, or if you have had a really great massage just reflect and you'll know what I mean.

Once again there was a price difference but not as much as you would think. A 30 minute massage, through your clothes in the middle of the shopping center is $30. The day spa 30 minute massage was in a dim quiet room, skin to skin, beautifully scented oils, hot wet towel afterwards (that was the best bit), sweet caring words and a cup of minted water as you leave all for just $20 more. Best $20 I've spent in a long time !!

So now I'm wondering, when was the last time you treated yourself to something that refreshes your soul? Why don't I do it more often? Why don't we all?

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