Saturday, 13 February 2010

When Worlds Collide

Most people have experienced the feeling .... you know your hosting a party and you decide to invite two separate social circles. You wonder how will they go together? It could be magic! everyone gets along, have similar taste in music and the next thing you know your all laughing and dancing. Or you could have the two groups sitting on either side of your yard while you frantically try and divide your time between them so that no one feels left out ....

Thats what I wonder when I see that Neil Gaiman is going to be writing an episode of Doctor Who. It could be magic and I imagine it will be but could I wind up frantically running between the two trying to figure out what went wrong?

Its an exciting prospect never the less!!


Catriona said...

I'm more excited about it than anything else. Neil Gaiman and Doctor Who are not, I think, entirely analogous to two separate social groups: there are big areas of overlap between the two already. So let's assume they already have much in common and a number of common acquaintances.

Wondering Willow said...

Still if you invite two groups of friends you figure they have you in common ... but what if thats where the similarities end? Like you I'm definitely more excited than anything else :)

Catriona said...

Well, we know that's not where the similarities end with these two groups of friends, though.

Gaiman acknowledges that he's always been a huge fan of Doctor Who (which isn't surprising in a 49-year-old English fantasy and horror writer).

He's already drawn directly on the show for inspiration in his own work; he wrote the Marquis de Carabas as though he were William Hartnell's Doctor.

That (and other examples) is what I mean by big areas of overlap.

Really, I'm just annoyed he didn't write one for this 2010 season, as per the original rumours.

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