Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Todays Haul

The whole school thing is still making me a little crazy so today I decided that I needed a little retail therapy (it helped that I was paid by my last client today). First I went and grabbed Hamish a Jack a little gift each. Hamish got a special little red cup the same as one that Jack got for his birthday and for Jack I brought a little orange woven fish to go on his school bag so that you can tell it apart from all the other bottle green bags.

Then I popped into the op shop. I scored a few books, a key chain and a ring. They were all great but the ring was an amazing find.

For my birthday one of my friends brought me a ring that I had been coveting for a while but it didn't fit and was the only one left in that style. We decided that I would give it back and I found another ring from the same shop that I loved just as much. All great stuff but I was a bit disappointed I mean did I mention that I have been coveting the original ring for about 6 months . Then in the op shop today I found exactly the same ring for $2 and although it is still a bit small it means that I get to keep the first ring and get the groovy second ring as well.

So I still feel crazy and I think I have a long road to walk until I sit easily within my school mum schoes but at least now I have a few good books, I'll finally be able to find my keys at the bottom of my bag and not one but two very pretty rings to brighten my day ... its the little things


Catriona said...

Polidori? Didn't think you were really into the classics.

The ring is fabulous, though. We don't you ever take me op shopping at your end of town? Huh? Why not?


Wondering Willow said...

If the classics are cheap Im into them :) I promise next time your in my neck of the woods we will rummage to our hearts content xx

Catriona said...

Cheap or not, I'm not sure I'd start with Polidori. (Well, not "start," but you know what I mean.) He might have been a decent physician, but he was a dull writer.

Read Frankenstein: it came out of the same bet as spawned Polidori's novella, and it's far, far better.

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