Monday, 15 February 2010

Overheard Conversations with a 5 year old

Today after school Jack and I went to preschool to get Hamish. Jack saw one of his old teachers that has been away for a while. She was asking him about school.

Teacher: Are you liking school?
Jack: Yep
T: What are you doing and learning?
J: They are teaching me how to read so that I can read books to other people

That's my gorgeous boy! He is so giving that even learning to read is so he can give to others 

(Look he sure ain't perfect, but oh boy does his heart make mine sing)

As for my little one. Of course he is gorgeous and loving preschool at the moment. On the way there this morning he announced loudly to the whole car "I love all my teachers so much mummy, I want to give them a kiss and invite them to my monkey birthday (which is apparently very soon)"

(Is it overkill if I tell you all what a lucky mummy I am again?)

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