Sunday, 18 April 2010

Apologies and Excuses

Its school holidays and so it has been quiet on my blog of late. The whole holiday period has been gorgeous. There have been ups and downs as there always is when families spend this much time together but mostly it has been lovely to have so much free time with both boys.

Our kids have spent the majority of their holidays playing in the square. Almost every day my kids, the kids nextdoor, the kids up the road and the kids across the road have been out catching bugs, riding scooters/skateboards/bikes, catching lizards, playing cops and robbers, making cubby houses, playing hide and seek, and tips from 9am till the sun goes down. Sound idyllic doesn't it?

For the most part it has been. But having 7 kids (6 boys) running free for those sort of hours has not been without casualties. We have has 4 split lips, a broken arm, 20+ skinned knees or elbows, 50+ bruises, multiple clunked heads and 100's of other cuts and scratches. Luckily spread out between 4 houses none of us parents have copped to much. Except for our neighbour and her boys broken arm.

It has also allowed us parents to spend time, cleaning, working, relaxing, chatting and generally keeping life moving forward.
I have spent most of that free time finalising the teaching plan for my 6 hour prenatal class and then spending all of Friday teaching it. So that leaves the last few bits of my course. After months of procrastination it feels pretty amazing to be this close to finishing. Its also slightly terrifying because now I really have to get my head around what I'm going to do with this qualification (if anyone know of a CBE position that's available let me know *grin*)

So thats it. Tuesday school goes back, so I should have more time to blog and get back into the swing of the school routine. Jack is already excitedly talking about his return and although a big part of me is sad that the holidays are over already, a small part of me is ready for him to go back as well. Now thats something I bet you never thought you'd hear me say.

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