Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cerebral Shutdown

Well it's official !!! I have every reason to have been feeling and acting sick for the last few weeks. The doctor tells me I have not one but two superbugs ... yay (I'm being sarcastic).

So things are still quiet on the blog front. Mainly because I just have no energy but also because my brain seems to be shutting down. Just yesterday I started to write about the sounds I can hear from my house ... ok when I write it like that it sounds boring but trust me it was going to be a corker *grin*

Anyway yesterday I was writing about all the awesome noises (trust me) that wafted over my fence ... and after 30 minutes I had

* plane
* birds
* kids
* music

Not exactly what I was going for.

So as much as I want to blog, and I have ideas, it seems that my brain can't translate these into anything interesting ... Actually maybe I should have thought about that before I wrote this post as well.


funkylamb said...

I can't help it, I have to ask: what are the bugs?

Wondering Willow said...

I totally understand Amelia, I'd want to know to. Problem is I don't know how to spell them. (So ill guess) I have giardia and blastocystiis. Two pretty feral tummy bugs

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